Why Starting a Business in Japan is a Good Idea?

Growing Diversity

Ride the positive wave of businesses and consumers. The influx of foreign tourists and the steady increase of foreign residence ensures cultural understanding and consideration with the local citizens. Take advantage of this lively climate. Develop products and services that will fit with your ideal customers.

Untapped Markets

Japan is known for its homogeneity, nevertheless, with the steady stream of foreign visits particularly tourism, the country has become more receptive of to international influences. This would imply a common business idea in your own country can become something new to the Japanese consumer or even to its steadily growing foreign population. Perhaps a foreign-inspired cuisine? Or a unique language course? A multi-lingual smartphone application?

Get moving with your business

Time is an indispensable commodity. Japanese trains are optimally built to be fast and efficient so you waste none of it. A comfortable Shinkansen trip from Tokyo to Osaka, takes less than 3 hours and you get to see the view of Mt. Fuji.


Explore places. The train and bus networks are designed to be adaptive. Dense in metropolitan areas to accommodate heavy flux of business activity, yet far-reaching covering most of the mainland and rural areas ensuring the lifeblood economics to flow and make remote areas thrive.

Work at a Peaceful Environment

Live in a peaceful environment. Japan retains its status for being one of the safest countries in the world. Crime incidents are at a constant low and there is virtually zero record of terroristic activity. Be assured to have a peace of mind to focus on progressing your business.

Empathic Environment for PWD's

Japan has enacted on creating systems that upholds equity for PWDs or Person’s With Disabilities to become productive members of society. Visually-impaired individuals have been properly assisted with smart systems such as the yellow stripe lanes for them to walk on unassisted and train stations have names and signs with braille printed alongside it for the blind to touch and figure out.


For the wheel-chair assisted person, stair-adjacent wheelchair ramps, escalators, and elevators are ever present for almost everywhere. Even train operators have due training in assisting the wheel-chair assisted commuters as they ride on and off train cars.

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