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It is our Mission to provide cost-Effective and High Quality services for Startups

Market Entry

Nominee Rep Director

Hiring a Resident Representative Director makes processess much smoother such as company opening, bank application, etc

KK Formation

KK Companies in Japan is equivalent to "Stock Corporatation" in US.

GK Formation

GK Companies in Japan is equivalent to LLC (Limited Liability Company) in US, but not pass-through entity

Bank Account Opening

Bank account is indispensable for businesses in Japan for transacting taxes, receiving income, paying for services, etc

Initial Tax notification

Mandatory tax notifications to tax agency to declare company formation and acquire preferential treatment


Visa Processing

Business Manager Visa and Employee Visa (International or Engineering)

Accounting / Tax / Payroll

Monthly Bookkeeping

Monthly Bookkeeping & Financial Statements

Annual Tax Returns

Annual Corporate Tax Return and Relevant Filings


We manage your employee's payroll

Bank Management

Managing vendor and tax payments via internet banking or at bank counter

Corporate Website and IT

Basic Website

Basic Corporate website showing your corporate identity, and useful for market entry processes such as bank application.

Advanced Website

More advanced website for targeting Japan market. Includes an online shop capability, e-mailing system, blog, etc.

Tech Support and Consults

Hiring an IT Engineer can be expensive for startups and small businesses. Let us handle your IT maintenance and support at a startup-friendly monthly fee.

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